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Please answer all question below:

1. Have you completed 40 hours of community service?
2. Were you a volunteer at the camp last year?
3. Have you volunteered during weekly classes at OKD?
4. Is this your first volunteer position?
5. If you have done other volunteer work, please list.

Punjabi knowledge:

1. I can identify and write the full Punjabi alphabet, but cannot read words
2. I can read a little bit of Punjabi
3. I can read Punjabi fluently
4. I have very limited ability to speak and understand Punjabi
5. I am fair at speaking & understanding Punjabi
6. I can speak & understand Punjabi like someone raised in Punjab


1. I am available for the full day (from 9:00am until 5:00pm), every day, Monday to Friday for the whole camp
2. I am only available at certain times. Please outline availability.
3. Why do you want to volunteer for this Summer Camp?



Use of Images

OKD Academy celebrates our students in a variety of ways. Schools use photots, videos, and samples of student work to promote and celebrate successes & achievements of their students. These images are often published on school websites, social media accounts, or in newsletters. I am the parent/legal guardian of the child named on this form. I give OKD Academy permission to allow my child's photos to be included in the Academy's website, social media, or other emerging technologies without any compensation.

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